First time playing Kim Kardashian Hollywood

  • *Selects character*
  • *Gets some basic white girl as the default*
  • *Tries to figure out how to make the girl dark-skinned*
  • *Immediately looks for natural/curly-esque hair in the Dress Up menu*
  • ...
  • *Later on playing the game*
  • *Kim says she's going to set character up with a date*
  • *Hopes she doesn't set character up with a basic ass white person*
  • *Satisfied when it's another fine dark-skinned nigga*
  • *Thinks Kim really is an amazing woman! She wasn't selfish enough to not lend a sista a hot ass negro*

My mom is going to tell me Tracee Ellis Ross on her new show is going to say, “My butt and hair proves I’m black,” after someone says something along the lines of not being “all that black” or something like that. This show caled Black-Ish. But momma! I’m not praising a light-skinned woman just because she has an ass and loose curly hair! As if we don’t praise redbones for being “thick” but tell dark-skinned girls to cover up their asses unless we want to exploit them for music videos while we can show every profile of the “redbone” in a video. So I am not moved because some light-skinned, mixed race black woman who fits into the standard of “Black Beauty” has an ass, which she will be praised for it because she’s “light-skint but still has remnants of black features such as an ass and kind of kinky hair.” Try again.And I will say this. I don’t care if you don’t feel like you’re “black enough!” I and others had to deal with being “too black” and trying not to be “black enough,” and you mad because you don’t fit into the definition of anti-blackness? That’s like saying, “I’m not bad enough,” when your parent punishes your sibling more than they punish you. I mean, why would you want to be “black enough” to be discriminated against?


People love saying to ableists and colorists, “I hope you have a disabled child so you know what it’s like to have a child with a disability,” or “I hope you have a dark-skinned child since you’re so colorist.” You are NOT harming the ableists and colorists when saying that! You are literally…


All I ask is for when other poc and black people call out white people, please do not utilize ableism and “jokes” about rape, incest, child abuse, suicide, or anything problematic as a means of a “smackdown” or “clapback.” If you cannot do that, I am concerned about your own mentality on certain social isms besides race.


Black women, especially ones with rich dark complexions, voluptuously thick and full bodies, mesmerizing brown eyes, wide noses, enviable full lips, and/or versatile curly or kinky textured hair—the women least likely to be considered beautiful in a White supremacist capitalist patriarchal…

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he forthcoming biopic of the late singer’s life starring Zoe Saldana has been put on pause due to its own drama. Writer and director Cynthia Mort has been locked out by a legal dispute with the producers. This makes Lisa smile. She said:

"They did not ask me or the Nina Simone estate to participate in the film at all. It is based on a lie because it is based on the life of my mother’s assistant, Clifton Henderson. Clifton was gay so he could not have had an affair with my mother, which is what the film implies. And my mother was raised at a time when she was told her nose was too wide, her skin was too dark…She was rejected by the U.S. She loved classical music and wanted to become the first black classical pianist but her dreams turned to dust because of the colour of her skin. Zoe Saldana portraying her is a bad joke because there are more gifted actresses who are more in keeping with my mother’s appearance.

I know how my mother would feel about Zoe, so they are making a mockery of her experiences to construct their own truth. The goal seems to be to bleed me dry of everything my mother stood for, of everything she sacrificed. She had many experiences in her life that left her feeling sad and angry. They approached the estate for permission to use some of the songs but as administrator I refused. I had the biggest laugh when I heard that Cynthia Mort had been pushed out of the film. You could call it karma. There is most certainly a divine order at work.”

If Nina Simone’s own daughter has objects then you know the film is a piece of trash

This should get more notes


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Remember when Mark Salling said he was into women of color, and this white girl made a rant about how she was “hurt” that the guy of her dreams didn’t find her beautiful? I was DYING!!! She made a whole rant about this actor straight up saying he was into woc, and she said it hurt her self-esteem. Please, there are plenty of white male celebrities you can picture yourself with while us black girls can’t even get a good looking black man on the screen with another black (dark-skinned) girl. He has to be paired with a white or light-skinned nblkwoc.

So you mean to tell me there is a movie about a woman who can use more than 10 percent of her brainpower, and she is a white blonde woman? COME ON!!!!


Black people can recognize white people’s humanity. Black women can recognize white women’s womanhood and rights as such. Unlike white people, black people can very well empathize with white people and know what it’s like to be them. They have no choice, and they still muster up the strength to…


dimwen answered to your post“It’s hard finding black literotica because all the women gotta be…”
Um, Zane. She’s been the leading or most popular writer for Black erotica. And the women…

The books don’t reflect the bw as light skinned or “caramel,” do they? Because I know it is a problem with a lot of AA romance fiction too.